Otis Joyce Estate Real Estate Auction


This wonderful investment portfolio includes single family homes and trailers along with duplexes, triplexes, quadplexes, trailer parks, and vacant land. Pick and choose what works for you and your investment goals.

Otis took a lifetime to put this portfolio together and the family is giving you the opportunity to buy it all at Absolute Auction. You set the price. Don’t miss this opportunity!

Rocky Knob Trailer Park

Auction Tract 1:

Rocky Knob Trailer Park
Approved For 100 Spaces Currently Houses 31 Rented Spaces.

24 Park Owned Trailers

Trailer Spots Rent For $125 And There Are 7 Spots Currently Rented.

Rent Roll Potential $101,200/Annual

GPS Stillbrook Dr & Joyce Park Dr, Bassett, VA

Property ID: 121240008

Orchard Manor

The Trailer Park and Duplexes share a well. The Trailer Park will be sold as one unit, the three duplexes will be sold individually. There will be a shared well agreement which means they will all pay a prorated share of the well, electric bill and maintenance. Each unit will be responsible for maintaining the water line to their structure. PSA water is on the adjacent road and if a unit owner decides to run PSA water to their property they would be exempt from payment and maintenance. The well is located on Auction Tract 4.

Auction Tract 2:

Oak Grove Park
12 Space Trailer Park. Units 1-12
$34,200/Potential Annual

7 Park Owned Trailers
5 Lot Rentals

GPS Oakgrove Park Ln, Bassett, VA

Property IDs: 001830001 and 135280025

Orchard Manor Duplexes

Auction Tract 3:

Units 26 & 27
$4,800/Potential Annual

Property ID: 135280024

Auction Tract 4:

Units 22 & 23
$6,180/Potential Annual

Property ID: 135200001

Auction Tract 5:

Units 24 & 25
$6,000/Potential Annual

Property ID: 135140016

GPS Hephill Dr, Bassett, VA


Duplexes and QuadPlexes, Ebb Drive and Grace Drive

Auction Tracts 6 thru 11. Units A-F also share a well. The units will be offered separately with the same type shared well agreement. Again, PSA water is adjacent to this property. If an owner hooks to PSA water they will be exempt from the shared well agreement.

Auction Tract 6:

Units 13 & 14 $6,300/Potential Annual

Property ID: 077720001

Auction Tract 7:

Units 15 & 16 $6,000/Potential Annual

Property ID: 077720006

Auction Tract 8:

Units 17, 18, 19 & 20 $12,000/Potential Annual

Property ID: 077720007

Auction Tract 9:

Units 1, 2, 3 & 4 $11,100/Potential Annual

Property ID: 077720003

Auction Tract 10:

Units 5, 6, 7, 8 $11,700/Potential Annual

Property ID: 077720004

Auction Tract 11:

Units 9, 10, 11 & 12 $ 8,700/Potential Annual

Property ID: 077720005

GPS Ebb Dr & Grace Dr In Bassett, VA

Laws Park

Auction Tract 12:

Laws Park
11 Space Trailer Park

9 Rented 2 Vacant

4 Park Owned Trailers $12,720/Potential Annual
5 Lots Rented $7,500/Potential Annual

$20,220/Potential Annual

Property ID: 128160009

GPS Salinas Dr In Bassett, VA

Newmans Park

Auction Tract 13:

Newmans Park
4 Unit Trailer Park And All Trailers Are Park Owned. Also Includes Garage And Well On Springhouse Lane, Bassett (At Intersection of Hwy 57 and Springhouse Lane).

4 Trailers Rent For $13,800/Potential Annual
Garage $ 1,800/Potential Annual
Total Rent $15,600/Potential Annual

Property ID: 161770005

GPS Springhouse Ln, Bassett, VA.

Auction Tract 14:

Brookside Apartments
575 Colonial Hill Dr just off Hwy 220
5 Units Total $15,900/Potential Annual

Property ID: 067890000

Auction Tract 15:

Wright Triplex
263 Graceland Dr.
3 Units Total $9,000/Potential Annual

Property ID: 248750009

McKinley Drive – Put McKinley Dr in GPS, I will have Signs Up

Auction Tract 16:

McKinley Dr Duplex Unit 1 & 2, Plus Adjacent Building, Needs Repair
$7,800/Potential Annual

Property IDs: 248150001, 092710004 & 121245022

Auction Tract 17:

House 78 McKinley Dr $3,900/Potential Annual
House 80 McKinley Dr $3,600/Potential Annual
$7,500/Potential Annual

Property IDs: 163600000 & 163540000

Auction Tract 18:

McKinley Dr. Clubhouse
Plus Extra Lot At Top Of Hill
$4,200/Potential Annual  – No Cell Tower Income

Property IDs: 121240004 & 121240005

Auction Tract 19:

36 Valentine Ct, Martinsville, VA
$4,200/Potential Annual

Property ID: 121240009

Auction Tract 20:  – Removed from Auction

1250 Jarrett Dr
$4,200/Potential Annual

Property ID: 228810001

Auction Tract 21:

1163 Jarrett Dr (House) &1167 Jarrett Dr (Trailer)
$9,000/Potential Annual

Property ID: 176730000

Auction Tract 22:

3255 Columbus Dr
$4,200/Potential Annual

Property ID: 240950000

Auction Tract 23:

3220 Columbus Dr
$3,600/Potential Annual

Property ID: 163855005

Auction Tract 24:

448 Sanville Heights Rd
$4,200/Potential Annual

Property ID: 214210000

Auction Tract 25:

1512 Crestridge Rd – Lot 1
$3,600/Potential Annual

Property ID: 092800000

Auction Tract 26:

1514 Crestridge Rd – Lot 2
$3,600/Potential Annual

Property ID: 092800001

Auction Tract 27:

140 Carson Ln
$3,000/Potential Annual

Property ID: 082890000

Auction Tract 28:

280 Smith Rd, Bassett
$4,200/Potential Annual

Property ID: 121240019

Auction Tract 29:

225 Moses Moore Rd &  23 Lawton Dr
$11,100/Potential Annual

Property ID: 154030000

Auction Tract 30:

1408 Summitt Rd, Martinsville, VA
Partial Shell

Property ID: 121240010

Auction Tract 31: Landcaster Hill Subdivision

44 Vacant Platted Lots Ready For A New Owner
GPS Nolen Rd

Property IDs: 162940002, 162940003, 162940004, 162940005, 162940006, 162940007, 162940008, 162940009, 162940010, 162940011, 162940058, 162940012, 162940013, 162940014, 162940015, 162940016, 162940017, 162940018, 162940019, 162940020, 162940021, 162940022, 162940023, 162940024, 162940025, 162940026, 162940027, 162940028, 162940029, 162940030, 162940031, 162940032, 162940033, 162940034, 162940035, 162940036, 162940037, 162940038, 62940043, 162940044, 162940045, 162940046, 162940047, 162940055

Auction Tract 32: Bartlow Drive Vacant Lot

GPS Bartlow Dr

Property ID: 121240006

Auction Tract 33: Ebb Drive Vacant Lot

Property IDs: 077720002 & 250150000

GPS Ebb Dr

Note the numbers used in advertising are based on potential revenue.

Use GPS for directions. All auction tracts are in Bassett except auction tracts 19 and 30 in Martinsville.

Phone GPS gets you there fine!

We will not be doing open houses. Feel free to do drive by and look at the outside of properties. We will pass along any information the family has but these properties were managed by Otis alone and information is limited.

Everything is on well and septic systems.

7% Buyer’s Premium


  1. REGISTRATION:  Bids will be accepted only from registered bidders.  Registration begins at Noon EDT.  Please bring a driver’s license for identification.
  2. AUCTION SALE:  All property will be sold absolute to the high bidder regardless of price. ALL SALES ARE FINAL.   All property is auctioned “AS IS, WHERE IS,” with all faults in its condition at the time of sale without recourse by way of refund, reduction of the purchase price, or otherwise.  Bidders should perform such independent investigation with respect to the property as they deem necessary or appropriate before bidding.
  3. FINANCING:  Your bidding and purchase of the property is not conditional upon financing.  Be sure you have arranged financing, if needed, and are capable of paying cash at closing.
  4. LIABILITY:  Bidders inspecting property enter at their own risk.  Auction Company assumes no risk for bodily injury or damage to personal property.
  5. BIDDING:    The auctioneer will determine all bid increments. All decisions by the auctioneer regarding bid acceptance are final.
  6. ANNOUNCEMENTS:  Announcements on day of sale take precedence over all prior releases, verbal and written, concerning this auction sale.
  7. BUYER’S PREMIUM:  The Buyer’s Premium on the real estate is seven percent (7%) of the high bid amount.  The Buyer’s Premium will be added to the high bid to determine the final contract sales price.
  8. AGENCYThe Auction Company and its representatives represent the Seller.
  9. REAL ESTATE DEPOSIT:  A deposit in the amount of ten percent (10%) of the contract sales price will be required on day of sale.  The deposit is payable by cash, cashier’s check, business or personal check payable to Woltz & Associates, Inc. Escrow Account. 
  10. TRANSFER OF TITLE TO REAL ESTATE & SETTLEMENT: The real estate will be conveyed by special warranty deed, free and clear of liens, and subject to all rights, reservations, covenants, conditions, easements, rights-of-way, and restrictions of record, as the same may lawfully apply to the Property, and to all matters which would be disclosed by a survey and inspection of the Property. The balance of the purchase price is due at settlement on or before June 27, 2022.
  11. Boundary Lines:  Boundaries on aerial photos and topo maps are approximate.
  12. GENERAL: The information contained in the brochure, on the internet or otherwise, is subject to verification by all parties relying on it.  No liability for its accuracy, error, or omissions is assumed by the Seller or the Auction Company.
  13. OTHER DISCLOSURES: Orchard Manor-Auction Tracts 2 thru 5. The Trailer Park and Duplexes share a well. The Trailer Park will be sold as one unit. The three duplexes will be sold individually. There will be a shared well agreement, and each unit will all pay a prorated share of the well, electric bill, and maintenance. Each unit will be responsible for maintaining the water line to its structure. Public Service Authority (“PSA”) water is on the adjacent road, and if a unit owner decides to run PSA water to their property, they would be exempt from payment and maintenance. The well is located on Auction Tract 4.

Ebb Drive and Grace Drive-Auction Tracts 6 thru 11 also share a well. These units will be offered separately with the same type of shared well agreement as Auction Tracts 2 thru 5. Again, PSA water is adjacent to this property. If an owner hooks to PSA water, they will be exempt from the shared well agreement. The well for these units is located on Auction Tract 9.



SOLD – Absolute Auction: 5,340 Acres offered in 23 Tracts

SOLD – Absolute Auction: Fox Island – 263± Acre Island

 Historic Fox Island- Lake Ontario, New York
Fox Island – 263± Acre Island
.5± Acre Mainland Access Parcel with a dock and plenty of parking space
Gustav Stickley Furniture
SOLD – August 2007

Boats depart from Martins Marina 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM and on Day of Sale beginning at 9:00 AM.
“Where the Lake meets the River” and known as the “Garden of the Great Spirit”

The History: This incredible wonderland of islands, wildlife, fish and game was discovered in the early 1600’s and was known to the natives as the “Garden of The Great Spirit.” This beautiful island is one of the last remaining, wholly owned islands of The Thousand Islands Region in the St. Lawrence River/Lake Ontario area. It was owned for years by the late Governor Horace White who purchased the Island in 1905. The lodge dates back to the turn of the century as well as many of the other support buildings. Fox Island has been a private retreat to governors, senators, politicians and people of notoriety and has been unaccessible to the public, having only 4 owners over the past 100 years. Well known for its magnificent duck hunting and fishing, Fox Island offers something special with the ownership of its own duck marsh, which was obtained from the state of New York in 1906.

The Antiques: This will be a rare opportunity to purchase over 40 pieces of Gustav Stickley furniture in situ at the Fox Island hunting lodge. It was originally ordered for Governor White and three partners who bought four of every piece of bedroom furniture directly from Gustav Stickley in 1905-1910 to furnish the lodge. Included are 3 sets of twin beds, chests, mirrors, chairs, 3 Morris recliners, 2 porch swings, settle bench, etc. An abundance of other important items to be auctioned including artwork and the original leather mail pouch for the island, from the early 1900’s.

Fox Island is located at the Eastern end of Lake Ontario at the headwaters of the St. Lawrence River, where you enter the famous Thousand Islands region. Fox Island offers you peace and tranquility, an escape form the hustle and bustle of every day life. The island is minutes by boat from the mainland, close to Cape Vincent, NY. The village of Cape Vincent is quaint and full of history, dating back to 1615. This area is known for its fantastic fishing. Anglers come from all over the world to fish the St. Lawrence for bass; walleye, pike and muskellunge; in addition to Lake Ontario which is stocked with trout and salmon. All this, literally outside your front door!

Fox Island continues a century old reputation as one of the Northeast’s finest water fowling destinations. Fox Island is over 260 acres of rolling pastures, dense hardwoods and 6 miles of pristine shoreline with deeded native marshes. This insures privacy and manageability for the serious waterfowl or nature enthusiast. There is a resident herd of white tail deer and just recently, several families of wild turkeys have inhabited the island.

The Thousand Islands are easily accessible by boat where one can experience the turn of the century summer mansions and visit the magnificent Boldt Castle.

Air Strip: 3,000 ft. private grass landing strip located on the island.

Renovated lodge (circa 1905) with three native stone fireplaces, 8 bed rooms and 5 baths, large kitchen, formal dining room, living room and game room, wet bar with ice maker, hunting and fishing storage room, and laundry room. The kitchen has a large stove top, 2 ovens, dishwater, microwave, garbage disposal and 2 refrigerators. The Guest House has 4 bedrooms, 1 bath, and kitchen with appliances.

Harbors & Docks: Large front dock and mainland dock recently constructed with 70 year steel pilings and pressure treated staving. Newly constructed protected harbor and docks.

Outbuildings: Large steel storage barn for maintenance equipment, boats, etc. Harbor house, Decoy house, Pump house.

Fox Island is one of the last largest privately held islands in the 1000 Island region of the St. Lawrence River and Lake Ontario. With it’s expansive accommodations, and complete furnishings, combined with a private mainland access tract located only minutes from the island, make this a truly unique and enchanting place.

All of the interior furniture is original to the property (early 1900s) to be sold at auction with majority being Gustav Stickley.

Directions to Fox Island:

Driving Time a little less than 2 hrs from Syracuse, NY. Take 81 North to exit 46 (Coffeen Street/Airport). At the exit ramp, turn left for about 2 miles into Paddy Hill. Just past the Nice N Easy Gas station, get in the right lane and turn right onto Route 12E. This will go over the Black River to a stop sign. Turn left, drive through Brownville, Limerick, Chaumont and Three Mile Bay. In Three Mile Bay, you will pass the fire department and cemetery (on your right), from this point drive for approximately 4.4 miles. At this point you will see a green sign for Mud Bay, and a blue sign for Martins Marina) turn left here onto Bates Road, take this all the way to the stop sign. At the stop sign turn right past Martins Marina, up the hill and turn left onto Humphrey Road. Drive down the road approximately one mile all the way to the end to Martins Marina Pier II. Martins Marina for boat rentals: 315-654-3104.

Basic Auction Terms and Conditions:

PROCEDURE: The property will be offered at ABSOLUTE AUCTION.
BUYER’S PREMIUM: A 5% Buyer’s Premium will be added to the final bid price to determine the contract purchase price. A 15% buyer’s premium shall be added to the high bid to determine the final selling price for any antiques and personal property sold.
DOWN PAYMENT AND CLOSING: 10% down payment on the day of auction with the balance due in cash within 60 days at closing. The down payment may be made in the form of cash, cashier’s check, personal check, or corporate check. Personal and corporate checks should be accompanied by a letter from the bank on which the check is written stating that the account is a current account and in good standing with the bank. BIDDING IS NOT CONDITIONAL UPON FINANCING, so be sure you have arranged financing, if needed, and are capable of paying cash at closing.
PAYMENT FOR ANTIQUES AND PERSONAL PROPERTY: Payment in full day of sale by cash, or approved check. Any customers paying by check and unknown to Ken Farmer Auctions will need to supply a bank letter made out to Ken Farmer Auctions on original bank stationery.
ACCEPTANCE OF BID PRICES: Successful Bidder will be required to enter into purchase agreements at the auction site immediately following the close of the auction. Purchase agreements are available prior to the auction. Real Estate Purchase Agreement (PDF format)
EVIDENCE OF TITLE: The Seller agrees to furnish Buyer(s) an updated commitment for a Seller’s Policy of Title Insurance. The property will be conveyed by a General Warranty Deed. Commitment for Title Insurance (PDF format)
REAL ESTATE TAXES: To be prorated at settlement.
PROPERTY INSPECTION: Inspection dates have been scheduled and will be staffed with auction personnel. Absolutely no access to the property is allowed without the Seller’s authorization. Further, Seller disclaims any and all responsibility for Buyer’s safety during any physical inspection of the property. No party shall be deemed an invitee of the property by virtue of the offering of the property for sale. This property is only accessible by boat and all bidders and visitors will be asked to register on the mainland before boarding the boat to the island for inspections and day of sale.
ACREAGE: The property is being sold by the boundary and not by the acre and is estimated as 263± acres based on existing maps and deeds. The conveyance will include 1/2± acre and a private dock located on Humphrey Rd. near Martins Marina, Mud Bay, Cape Vincent.
BROKER PARTICIPATION: A 2% Buyer Broker fee for properly registered Buyer’s Agents will be paid to the appropriately licensed real estate broker whose prospect successfully closes on the property sold in this auction. The commission is based upon the Contract Purchase Price at the auction and will be paid at closing. Brokers must strictly follow all guidelines set by Schrader Real Estate and Auction Co., Inc. and must be registered by Wednesday August 22 , 2007 at 5:00 p.m. eastern daylight time. Broker Participation Form (PDF format).
AGENCY: Schrader Real Estate and Auction Company, Inc., Rex. D. Schrader, NY # 32SC1115028, and their representatives are exclusive agents of the Seller. This sale is in conjunction with Woltz and Associates, Inc. and Ken Farmer Auctions and Appraisals. New York State Disclosure Form for Buyer and Seller (PDF format)
DISCLAIMER AND ABSENCE OF WARRANTIES: The information contained herein is subject to independent verification by all parties relying on it. No liability for the accuracy of the sales brochure, marketing materials, or bidding packets or for any errors, or omissions herein is assumed by the Seller or the Auction Company. Announcements authorized by the Seller at the Auction podium during the time of the sale will take precedence over any previously printed material. The property is being sold on an AS IS, WHERE IS basis, and no warranty or representation, either expressed or implied, concerning the property is made by the Seller or the Auction Company. Each potential bidder is responsible for conducting his or her own independent inspections, investigations, inquiries, and due diligence concerning the property, including without limitation, environmental and physical condition of the property. Conduct of the auction and increments of bidding are at the direction and discretion of the Auctioneer. The Seller and Selling Agents reserve the right to preclude any person from bidding if there is any question as to the person’s credentials, fitness, etc. All decisions of the Auctioneer are final. Buyers assume all responsibility for any antiques and personal items purchased and for the removal and storage of same.
NEW DATA, CORRECTIONS, AND CHANGES: Please arrive prior to scheduled auction time to inspect any changes, corrections, or additions to the property information.


Schrader Real Estate & Auction Co., Inc. (NY# 32SC1115028)