Woltz & Associates, Inc. is a real estate firm located in Roanoke, Virginia. The firm specializes in the sale of timberland, farms, ranches, commercial, investment and industrial properties by auction and the traditional brokered method. The firm also provides auction services for commercial and industrial equipment liquidations.

Woltz & Associates, Inc. has a very successful track record selling divisible property using its proprietary M3 computer software. The software, along with the skill of the Woltz auction team, allows divisible property to be sold in individual tracts, in multiple groupings of tracts and as a whole parcel. Sellers are thereby able to maximize their sale proceeds by selling real estate at auction.

One of the largest land auctions in the Eastern United States occurred in 1999 when Woltz & Associates, Inc. sold more than 13,000 acres of land in 200 tracts for $17.5 million using its proprietary auction software. Approximately $60-$100 million worth of real estate is sold annually by Woltz & Associates, Inc. utilizing this highly successful auction system. Another major auction was conducted by Woltz & Associates, Inc. in 2008 in Indiana and Kentucky.  The property consisted of 27,000 acres in scattered parcels which fetched a selling price of $52,000,000.   Click here to see examples of properties sold by Woltz & Associates, Inc.

Woltz & Associates, Inc. was founded in 1991 by real estate broker and auctioneer, Jim Woltz. Jim started his real estate career in 1973 and has employed a creative approach to marketing all types of real estate throughout his long and successful career.

The firm is staffed with five full time employees and ten real estate brokers/agents and auctioneers. All have extensive experience selling a variety of real estate: farms, ranches, timberland, recreational land, industrial property, commercial property and investment property.

Former clients include individuals, executors of estates, corporations, federal courts, financial institutions, municipalities and attorneys for estates and trusts. Our clients have discovered the best way to convert real assets into cash within a predetermined time is by using the auction method. Real Estate that can be divided and sold in multiple parcels can yield the highest market value by utilizing Woltz’ proprietary auction method.

One of the Mid-Atlantic regions largest real estate auction/brokerage companies, specializing in estates, farm land, ranches, hunting land, investment property, recreational land, commercial property, industrial property, timberland, residential development and office buildings.