Stream and Wetland Mitigation Banks

Woltz & Associates, Inc. is pleased to be able to offer you a full service stream and wetland mitigation banking process.  The demand for private mitigation banks is expected to increase dramatically with proposed federal funding for long overdue infrastructure projects.  It is a dynamic area that we are excited to be a part of.  The concept of a stream or wetland mitigation bank is simple. However the details are very technical and require the experience and expertise of our environmental scientists.

If you have a large land holding you have no desire to sell, then stream and/wetland mitigation banks can provide you with significant revenue while at the same time preserving and/or restoring the intrinsic quality of the ecosystem on your property. The permanent easements that stream and wetland mitigation banks place on your property go much further than standard conservation easements to preserve and protect both clean air and water.

Comprehensive Land Assessments

Woltz & Associates, Inc. has a staff with a rich assortment of experiences and backgrounds.  We can offer an assessment of value of a large landholding that would include land value, timber value and the potential for stream and wetland mitigation credits.

For further information on consulting services, please contact Jim Woltz.