Broker participation (when offered) forms are located on the page for the auction.

Use Auctions To Increase Your Income

More than $115 billion of real and personal property is sold at auction annually in the U.S. Of this total, $32 billion is real estate. 

Auctions are an acceptable alternative to traditional private treaty sales.
“The NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS® believes real estate auctions are an innovative marketing tool which can benefit buyers and sellers in good times and bad…”
(From the NAR Auction Committee’s A Guide to Real Estate Auctions.)

You can use the auction process three ways:

  • Register a buyer
  • Sell one of your listings
  • Join the Woltz team

Register a Buyer At a Woltz Auction

Earn up to a 2% commission at settlement by properly registering the successful high bidder at a Woltz & Associates, Inc. real estate auction.* Requirements for Cooperating Agents Producing Buyers*

  • Agent must be licensed in the state in which auction is conducted.
  • A Woltz & Associates Inc. buyer application form must be properly completed and received by Woltz & Associates Inc. at least 24 hours prior to auction.
  • The agent must show the property to and attend the sale with the buyer and assist in closing procedures.

Sell Your Listing At a Woltz Auction

Earn a commission at settlement by entering your listing in a Woltz & Associates, Inc. real estate auction.* 

Auction Candidates

  • A listing about to expire
  • Property that seller wants to quickly convert to cash
  • Bridge loan and “subject to the sale of existing property” situations
  • High demand – broad market properties where competition between buyers will boost the selling price
  • Inactive listing that deserves a new marketing approach
  • Estate and surplus properties
  • Financially troubled properties

To put a listing in a Woltz auction:

  • Agent must be licensed in the state in which auction is conducted
  • A Woltz & Associates Inc. auction amendment must be added to listing agreement
  • Listing agent maintains sign and lock box on property, conducts open houses, shows property by appointment and attends auction to assist in closing procedures.
  • Agent provides Woltz & Associates Inc. with the necessary information to properly represent and promote the property to be auctioned.

Note: For REALTORS® who do not wish to be actively involved in the auction process, Woltz and Associates, Inc. offers a referral fee on a case-by-case basis for producing buyers or sellers. We will handle the entire transaction. Agent must originate initial contact between seller or buyer and Woltz and Associates, Inc. for each specific property auction.

Become a Woltz Associate

If you are currently a real estate professional, consider the advantages of a relationship with Woltz. If you are already an auction professional, consider becoming a Woltz associate to help you land those monster sales you do not have the staff or experience to handle.

As a Woltz associate you are backed by the infrastructure and expertise of one of the nation’s largest and most successful auction firms.

As a Woltz associate, you can provide better service to your clients and put more money in your pocket at the same time.

  • Auctions generate prompt sales and speedy commissions!
  • Auctions reduce time on the market thereby reducing advertising costs for the listing agent and carrying costs for the seller!
  • Auctions force the market to focus on and react to a property in a timely manner!
  • Auctions eliminate annoying and lengthy negotiations – terms and conditions are determined prior to the sale!
  • Competitive bidding generates the highest price in the shortest possible time!
  • Auctions energize and motivate buyers and sellers!

* Commissions are paid to the brokerage firm of agents properly licensed in the state in which auction is conducted. Commissions and agent requirements are subject to the terms and conditions of each specific auction.