Carroll County, Virginia
Chestnut Falls

Beautiful Home Sites & Coded Entrance. All tracts have private access to the New River Trail. This scenic State Park offers 57 continuous miles of trail for your hiking, biking, and horseback riding recreation as the trail weaves its way from Galax to Pulaski along the historic New River and Chestnut Creek. An easy commute from I-77 near Galax makes this site the perfect location for your home or weekend recreational paradise. Small, spring fed streams meander through the property as well as miles of private riding and hiking trails. This land was developed with the outdoor enthusiast in mind. Bring your horses, bikes, canoes and fishing poles and enjoy the wonderful New River Trail, tumbling waterfalls and the scenic and serene Blue Ridge Mtns. of VA. Purchaser to install well & septic. More acreage available, approx. 27 total acres.

Available Tracts:

Tract Acreage ±  Price
39 5.000 $31,500
40 6.249 $27,000
41 6.473 $27,000
42 5.000 $27,000
43 3.780 $25,200

From I-77, take Exit 14 (Hillsville/Galax) to west on Hwy 58 & go approx. 4.3 miles. Bear R on Glendale Rd. (Route 887), go 2.7 miles to R on Hebron Rd. (Route 635.) Go 3.6 miles to entrance on L.

Covenants and Restrictions:

  1. These covenants and restrictions are made covenants running with the land and shall be binding on all lot owners, their heirs, devisees or assigns for a period of thirty (30) years from the date of September 1, 2001.
  2. Lots are for residential purposes only. No commercial business, i.e., repair shop, manufacturing, etc. shall be conducted on any tract. This would not prevent an owner from having a home office, unless it generates public ingress and egress.
  3. This property is intended to be used for permanent and second home sites as well as recreation property. The intent of these restrictions is not to prevent an owner from coming to the property seasonally and spending a short period of time camping, using a motor home or a camper as a shelter. However, no motor home or camper shall be left on any lot for a period greater than 90 days and in no way used as a permanent dwelling. Periodic tent camping would be allowed under these covenants
  4. All fencing for livestock shall be board or vinyl fence where bordering existing roadways. All fences must be maintained in a state of good repair. All driveway connections must be piped so as to not restrict ditch line water flow.
  5. No noxious or offensive activity shall be carried on upon any lot, nor shall anything be done thereon which may become obnoxious, a nuisance or a health hazard to the neighborhood.
  6. No structure of a temporary character, trailer, mobile homes ( single wide, double wide or triple wide) basement, tent, shack garage, bam or other outbuilding shall be used on any lot at anytime as a residence, either temporarily or permanently. This does not prevent construction of modular homes. All homes must be on a permanent foundation.
  7. No exposed concrete, cinder or concrete masonry foundation shall extend above finish grade so as to be visible from an adjoining property.
  8. Trash, garbage or other waste shall not be kept except in sanitary containers. Non operating vehicles or unlicensed vehicles, unused objects or apparatus, or clutter of any kind or any portion thereof, shall not be permitted to remain on any parcel.
  9. Minimum living space shall be as follows:
    (1) Single story dwelling shall have a minimum floor space of 1,000 square feet.
    (2) Two story dwelling shall have a minimum floor space of 1,800 square feet.
    (3) Building set backs shall be 25 feet from all boundaries

Road Maintenance Agreement:

WHEREAS, the property more particularly described in the attached contract may be situated along a private road which serves as access to and from the State- maintained road and/or has a private road crossing it which provides access to other parcels; and
WHEREAS, the undersigned are advised that various lending institutions require execution of a private road maintenance agreement to deal with private road maintenance, and they have determined that it is in their best interest to establish a roadway maintenance agreement for purposes of providing for the upkeep and maintenance of said private road.

In order to deal with these issues, the Purchaser acknowledges and agrees that:

  1. If located on a private road, the aforesaid private road constitutes the main access to and from its residence or property to the State-maintained road.
  2. If the property that is the subject of this contract has a private road across it, Purchaser acknowledges that an easement for ingress and egress over said private road will be reserved in the deed to Purchaser.
  3. The undersigned covenant and agree that each property owner along said private road shall have unobstructed right of ingress and egress over said private road to and from their respective residences or property.
  4. Purchaser acknowledges that an easement for utilities will be reserved in its deed so that utility lines can be installed and maintained within the area reserved for the private road that crosses its property.
  5. Purchaser agrees that it is in the best interest that said private road shall be maintained in good and passable condition as a gravel/dirt drive and that they will share equally in the cost of maintaining said private road to keep it in a state of repair that is. at a minimum, as good as the condition of the private road at the time of the closing. An annual fee of S500.00 (per lot or parcel served by the road) for the first year payable at closing, and $250.00 for each year thereafter will be collected from the undersigned once a year to provide for private maintenance. In the event additional money is needed to maintain or improve the private road, a majority vote of all the owners who use the driveway must agree in writing of any additional assessment over the $250.00 annual fee. In the event it is necessary to take legal action to enforce any term of this agreement, the prevailing party shall be entitled to collect reasonable attorney’s fees for enforcement of this agreement.
  6. In the event any of the parcels served by the private road is subdivided, and the new tract also utilizes the private road for access, each new owner will be obligated to pay the $250.00 annual maintenance fees and will be bound by all other terms and conditions of this agreement.
    This agreement is intended to be binding on all parties who own property or residences along said private road, their heirs and assigns, as well as any future owner who is given rights to said private road.


Asking Price

$25,200 - $31,500

Agent: Jim Woltz, Owner/REALTOR (540) 353-4582 (mobile)