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Offering 14 (Cell Tower Lease)

  • 45 year lease:  Start date April 24, 2007 /  Ends April 24, 2052
  • $750 per month
  • $9,000 annual
  • Estimated payout $256,500
  • GPS Coordinates 35° 8’19.26″N / 83°28’12.51″W
  • Minimum start bid $75,000
  • You can bid on the cell tower lease by itself or if you want the land and cell tower lease together you will need to combine auction tracts 9 and 14 and bid on them in a combination. 

    For any questions on the lease and the purchase call Jim Woltz 540-353-4582 or Russell Seneff 540-765-7733

Terms & Conditions of Auction

  1. REGISTRATION: Bids will be accepted only from registered bidders.  Registration begins at 10:00AM.  Please bring a driver’s license for identification.
  2. AUCTION SALE: The Offering will be sold subject to seller confirmation of the high bid.  A confirmed sale is final.  Bidders should perform such independent investigation with respect to the Lease as they deem necessary or appropriate.
  3. FINANCING: Your bidding and purchase of the Lease is not conditional upon financing. Be sure you have arranged financing, if needed, and are capable of paying cash at closing.
  4. LIABILITY: Bidders inspecting the tower site approach at their own risk; however, the site is is fenced and access inside the fence is prohibited. Auction Company assumes no risk for bodily injury or damage to personal property.
  5. BIDDING: Qualified bidders may bid on individual tracts or any grouping of tracts.  The auctioneer will determine all bid increments. All decisions by the auctioneer regarding bid acceptance are final.
  6. ANNOUNCEMENTS: Announcements on day of sale take precedence over all prior releases, verbal and written, concerning this auction sale.
  7. BUYER’S PREMIUM: The Buyer’s Premium on the Lease Offering is 5% of the high bid amount. The Buyer’s Premium will be added to the high bid to determine the final sale price.
  8. AGENCY: The Auction Company and its representatives represent the Seller.
  9. EARNEST MONEY DEPOSIT: A deposit in the amount of ten percent (10%) of the contract sale price will be required on day of sale.  The deposit is payable by cash, cashier’s check, or pre-approved personal check payable to Woltz & Associates, Inc. Escrow Account. Personal checks will be approved if the Buyer presents a bank letter stating that the Buyer is a customer of the bank and the checking account is in good standing.
  10. LEASE ASSIGNMENT: The Lease will be assigned to the buyer at closing. The balance of the purchase price is due at settlement on or before October 1, 2023. There will be no assigning of this Lease between bidders.
  11. GENERAL: The information contained in this brochure is subject to verification by all parties relying on it. No liability for its accuracy, error, or omissions is assumed by the Seller or the Auction Company.
  12. SOFTWARE & TECHNOLOGY: Woltz & Associates, Inc. reserves the right to reject any bid at our sole discretion. In the event there are technical difficulties related to the server, software, or any other online auction-related technologies, Woltz & Associates, Inc., reserves the right to extend bidding, continue the bidding, or close the bidding. NEITHER THE COMPANY PROVIDING THE SOFTWARE NOR WOLTZ & ASSOCIATES, INC. SHALL BE HELD RESPONSIBLE FOR A MISSED BID OR THE FAILURE OF THE SOFTWARE TO FUNCTION PROPERLY FOR ANY REASON. Email notifications will be sent to registered bidders with updated information deemed necessary by Auction Company.


Sale held in conjunction with Murray Wise Associates LLC (NC #C23047 )