14 Properties • 12 Will be Sold Absolute

Property 2
Property 2
Property 2
Properties 3 - 6
Property 7
Property 8
Property 11
Property 12
Property 14: Boundaries are Approximate
Property 1
Property 1

    Sale includes two apartment buildings and a commercial lot in the Town of Dublin, a house and two residential lots in the Town of Pulaski, as well as residential lots and a 66± acre mountain land tract in Pulaski County. A five percent (5%) buyer’s premium will be added to the high bid to determine the sale price.

    Additional photographs, directions to the properties and other information is available at woltz.com. Property information is also available on the Pulaski County GIS site:
    http://www.pulaskicounty.org/GIS.html — Click on “Parcel Viewer.”

    Table of Properties

    Property Tax Parcel Number Address Zoning
    1 047-006-0000-0004
    240 Glendy Ave. R-1*
    2 047-006-0000-0006 342 Roseberry St. R-1*
    3 047-032-0000-0031 Lot, Riggs St. LR
    4 047-032-0000-0029 Lot, Riggs St. LR
    5 047-032-0000-0027 Lot, Riggs St. LR
    6 047-032-0000-0025 Lot, Riggs St. LR
    7 056-009-0000-0144 Lot, 233 W. Main St. B-1*
    8 056-004-0006-0001
    Lots, Colonial Dr.
    & Panorama Way
    9 056-004-0006-0003
    Lots, Colonial Dr. LR
    10 056-004-0006-0019
    Lots, Panorama Way LR
    11 072-140-0000-0045 Lot, 1012 Sutphin Cir. R-4**
    12 072-059-0000-0009
    509 Barbara Ln. R-4**
    13 072-059-0000-0010
    None R-4**
    14 025-001-0000-0005 None C
    Pulaski County Zoning Unless Noted | * Town of Dublin Zoning | ** Town of Pulaski Zoning

    Property 1: Eight-unit apartment building in the Town of Dublin located at the corner of Glendy Avenue and Roseberry Street has 100% occupancy. Each unit has two bedrooms. Current leases are month-to-month. 2016 Gross rent: $40,475

    Property 2: Four-unit apartment building adjoining Property 1 on Roseberry Street has 100% occupancy. Each unit has two bedrooms. Current leases are month-to-month. 2016 Gross rent: $17,600

    Properties 1 and 2 will be sold if the total bid on the two properties is $525,000 or more. The properties may be bid on individually or together.

    Properties 3 – 6: Adjoining residential lots in Oak Subdivision

    Property 7: Vacant lot on West Main Street in Town of Dublin

    Properties 8 – 10: Adjoining residential lots in Fair Acres Subdivision

    Property 11: Corner residential lot in Town of Pulaski

    Properties 12 & 13: House and adjoining lot in Town of Pulaski

    Property 14: 66± acre mountain land tract on Little Walker Mountain

    Directions to Sale Site:

    Pulaski Train Station, 20 S. Washington Ave., Pulaski, VA 24301. From I-81: Take Exit 94 (Pulaski) and turn onto Rt. 99 North toward Pulaski. Go 3.2 mi. and then left on Washington Avenue. Train Station is 0.1 mi. on left.

    Broker Participation:

    Any broker actively licensed in the Commonwealth of Virginia whose agent properly registers the successful high bidder will be paid a two percent (2%) commission at settlement by the Seller. Registration must be on a Woltz & Associates, Inc. Broker Participation Application form and contain the name, address and signature of agent and prospect as well as Broker’s license number and Federal Tax ID number. The form must be received in the office of Woltz & Associates, Inc. by 12:00 noon on August 3, 2017. If prospect attends preview, agent must attend with prospect. Additionally, agent must attend sale and co-register with prospect on auction day. Only the first broker to register the high bidder will be paid a commission. Agents acting as principals, on behalf of licensed real estate agents, on behalf of family members, on behalf of entities in which they hold an ownership interest or who represent prospects who have had prior contact with seller or auction company are not eligible. Only one registered bidder per agent.

    Basic Terms & Conditions of the Auction:

    1. REGISTRATION: Bids will be accepted only from registered bidders. Registration begins on site at 12:00 Noon. Please bring a driver’s license for identification.
    2. TERMS OF SALE: Properties 3 – 14 are being sold absolute and may be bid on individually and in combinations. Properties 1 and 2 may be bid on individually and together and will be sold if the total bid on the two properties is $525,000 or more. All property is sold “AS IS, WHERE IS.” Bidders should perform such independent investigation with respect to the property as they deem necessary or appropriate. ALL SALES ARE FINAL.
    3. ANNOUNCEMENTS: Announcements on the day of sale take precedence over all prior communications, verbal and written, concerning this sale.
    4. BIDDING: The auctioneer will determine bid increments. All decisions by the auctioneer regarding bid acceptance are final.
    5. BUYER’S PREMIUM: A Buyer’s Premium will be charged. The Buyer’s Premium on real estate is five percent (5%) of the high bid amount. The Buyer’s Premium is added to the high bid amount to determine the sale price.
    6. DEPOSIT: A deposit in the amount of ten percent (10%) of the sale price (high bid plus Buyer’s Premium) will be required on day sale. The deposit is payable by cashier’s check or a pre-approved personal check made payable to Woltz & Associates, Inc. Escrow Account. A personal check will be approved if, prior to or at the time of registration, the bidder presents a bank letter stating the bidder is a customer of the bank and that the account on which the check is drawn is in good standing.
    7. CLOSING DATE FOR REAL ESTATE: The balance of the purchase price is due at settlement on or before September 18, 2017.
    8. TRANSFER OF TITLE TO REAL ESTATE: The real estate will be conveyed by general warranty deed free and clear of liens subject, however, to leases and any recorded rights of way, easements, conditions, covenants and restrictions.
    9. FINANCING: The sale of the real estate is a cash transaction and is not conditioned upon the bidder obtaining financing. Bidders should arrange any necessary financing prior to registering to bid.
    11. BIDDER PACKET: Bidder Packets with information regarding the real estate will be available from the Auction Company at the inspections and upon request.
    12. GENERAL: The information contained in this brochure is subject to verification by all parties relying upon it. No liability for its accuracy or any error or omission is assumed by the Auction Company or the Seller.