The Monoc Tract is a solid timberland property with over 12 million board feet of merchantable Appalachian Hardwood Sawtimber 14” DBH and up.  White Oak, Black Oak, Northern Red Oak and Chestnut Oak make up over 52% of the merchantable volume with another 18% in Yellow Poplar.  The Monoc tract has been professionally managed with Forest Management Plans developed in conjunction with the surface mining of coal. Approximately 1,777 acres have been surfaced mined, leaving a total of 4,201 acres in productive timberland.  With a minimum bid of $335/acre, this professionally managed tract offers an exceptional opportunity for near term returns on investment.


    Tract Number Tract Name – 
    County, State
    Acreage (±)
    Parcel ID(s) Minimum Bid
    Per Acre
    Latitude / Longitude
    1 Monoc – 
    Clay & Nicholas Co., WV
    40 0001 0000 0000 HENRY, 40 0002 0000 0000 HENRY, 40 0004 0002 0000 HENRY $335 $2,000,000  38°22’43.68″N /  
    81° 2’51.73″W
    2 Stradley Frame Run –
    Clay Co., WV
    5 0010 0000 0000 BUFFALO $400 $6,400  38°33’22.58″N /  80°55’35.95″W
    3 Hoover –
    Braxton Co., WV
    95 0023 0002 0000 HOLLY $500 $15,270  38°33’35.65″N
    4 Stradley Long Run –
    Ritchie Co., WV
    19 0015 0000 0000 MURPHY $500 $16,000  39° 6’4.40″N
     81° 2’36.77″W
    5 Anderson Addis Run – Ritchie Co., WV 62.00
    38 0003 0000 0000 GRANT $400 $24,800  39°11’43.78″N
     81° 5’13.83″W
    6 Rost Valley (Commercial)
    – Randolph  Co., WV
    AES (PARTIAL) 119 0040 0002 6001 LEADSVILLE $2,000 $42,000  38°56’31.00″N
    7 Bickel Knob –
    Randolph  Co., WV


    123 0006 0000 0000 LEADSVILLE $400 $49,552  38°56’35.05″N
    8 Evans McKim Creek –
    Tyler Co., WV
    13 0023 0000 0000 MEADE $400 $8,000  39°21’27.48″N
    9 Fahey –
    Tyler Co., WV
    8 0047 0000 0000 MCELROY $600 $9,600  39°27’41.31″N /
    10 Evans Piney 2 – Wetzel Co., WV 47.00
    21 0017 0000 GREEN $450 $21,150


    11 Evans Manion Run 1 – Wetzel Co., WV 7.00
    43 0017 0000 GRANT $400 $2,800


    12 Evans Manion Run 2 – Wetzel Co., WV 9.00
    43 0016 0000 GRANT $400 $3,600


    13 Evans Manion Run 5 – Wetzel Co., WV 13.00
    40 0079 0000 GRANT $400 $5,200


    14 Evans Manion Run 4 – Wetzel Co., WV 30.00
    40 0078 0000 GRANT $400 $12,000


    15 Evans Folsom South – Wetzel Co., WV 15.00
    40 0037 0000 GRANT $400 $6,000


    16 Evans Rock Camp Run – Wetzel Co., WV 1.00
    9 0016 0000 GRANT $400 $400


    17 Evans Long Drain – Wetzel Co., WV 10.00
    4 0024 0000 CLAY $500 $6,000


    18 Evans Rocky Run – Wetzel Co., WV 16.00
    8 0003 0001 CENTER $400 $6,400

     39°41’19.83″N /

    19 Evans Rush Run – Wetzel Co., WV 22.00
    9 0016 0000 CENTER $400 $8,800


    20 Evans Big Elk Creek – Harrison Co., WV 21.00
    163 0087 0000 0000 SARDIS $500 $10,500

     39°24’32.00″N /

    21 Evans Sandy Run – Tyler Co., WV 28.00
    19 0062 0000 0000 MCELROY $500 $14,000


    22 Evans Paden City – Tyler Co., WV 70.00
    15 0012 0000 MAGNOLIA $725 $50,750


    23 Knotts- Preston Co., WV 58.00
    26 0016, 0017 RENO $775 $44,950


    24 Hazelton Batt –
    Preston Co., WV
    23 0009 0000 0000 GRANT $1,375 $154,000  39°40’11.80″N
    25 Pritts Erwin –
    Preston Co., WV
    PROW 0609 8439 0000 UNION $200 $5,250  39°19’40.39″N /
    26 Clevenger – Garrett Co., MD 50.00
    1006134 $500 $25,000  39°29’56.26″N

    Rost Valley (Timberland) –

    Randolph  Co., WV



    119 0040 0002 6001 LEADSVILLE
    $1,000 $20,800  38°56’22.99″N /   79°53’12.86″W

    * Acreage is approximate for Tracts 6 and 27

    Note: If you are having trouble reading the table above – a PDF is available under documents.

    Terms & Conditions of Sale

    1. TERMS OF SALE: This Auction is being conducted subject to the Terms and Conditions of Sale and the Sealed Bid Auction Real Estate Purchase Agreement. Twenty-six (26) Timberland Auction Tracts in the State of West Virginia, Counties of Braxton, Clay, Nicholas, Harrison, Preston, Randolph, Ritchie, Tyler and Wetzel and/or one (1) Auction Tract in the State of Maryland, County of Garrett, are being offered for sale.  The Auction Tracts are being offered for sale as individual tracts.
    2. BIDDER’S INFORMATION PACKET: Detailed Bidder’s Information Packets containing the Sealed Bid Auction Real Estate Purchase Agreement, title reports, timber volume data, tax parcel numbers, aerial and topographic maps and bidding instructions are available from Auction Company via email, fax or mail order.
    3. PROPERTIES OFFERED SUBJECT TO MINIMUM BID: The Auction Tracts are offered subject to the published Minimum Bids per individual tract.
    4. BIDDING:  The Auction Tracts are being offered by a sealed bid auction. To participate and bid in the auction, your fully executed and signed Sealed Bid Auction Real Estate Purchase Agreement (contained in the Bidder’s Information Packet) must be completed and delivered to Woltz & Associates, Inc. on or before 5:00 PM Eastern Time, Wednesday, June 7, 2017. Call Auction Company for prior approval to hand deliver bid to Hampton Inn located at 1 Commerce Blvd., Buckhannon, West Virginia 26201 on June 8. No bids will be accepted after 3:00 PM June 8.
    5. BID BASIS: Bidding is by a lump sum bid, not per acre. You may bid on one or more Auction Tracts in one bid, or you may bid on Auction Tracts individually with separate bids for each Auction Tract.
    6. BUYER’S PREMIUM:  A ten percent (10%) buyer’s premium must be added to the final cumulative High Bid to determine the total Purchase Price.
    7. EARNEST MONEY DEPOSIT: A Deposit of 10% of the Purchase Price must accompany the bid either by cashier’s or certified check or wire transfer.  Deposit checks must be made payable to “Busch, Zurbuch & Thompson Real Estate Escrow”.  Cashier’s checks will not be deposited during the bid consideration period. All Deposits on offers not accepted will be returned to the respective bidders by June 23, 2017 with time allowed for mail delivery. Deposits for accepted Bids will be deposited to the Busch, Zurbuch & Thompson Real Estate Escrow and held per the terms of the Sealed Bid Auction Real Estate Purchase Agreement. Call for wiring instructions.
    8. BID OPENING: Bids will be opened at the Hampton Inn located at 1 Commerce Blvd., Buckhannon, West Virginia 26201 at 3:00 PM Eastern Time on Thursday, June 8, 2017. Only the high bids will be announced.
    9. NOTIFICATION OF ACCEPTED BIDS: The successful bidders will be notified by 5:00 PM Eastern Time on Tuesday, June 13, 2017.
    10. TIE BIDS: In the event of any tie bids, Seller may accept the bid of Seller’s choice, or Seller may elect to give the tie bidders the opportunity to make their best and final offer with 5 business days’ notice.
    11. SETTLEMENT: Seller will prepare, and Buyer(s) will accept, a Special Warranty Deed.  Buyer(s) and Seller shall pay their own settlement costs as is customary in the state of West Virginia and/or Maryland. Each party will be responsible for its own attorneys’ fees. Seller is providing a commitment for title insurance prepared by Old Republic Title Insurance Co. for all Auction Tracts, except Auction Tracts 16 and 26.  If Buyer elects to purchase title insurance, the title insurance premium shall be at the Buyer’s expense.   All Auction Tracts shall be conveyed per the Property Description in the commitment for title insurance except for Auction Tracts 16 and 26.  For Auction Tracts 16 and 26, Seller is providing either an attorney’s opinion of title or a preliminary certificate of title and those Auction Tracts shall be conveyed per the corresponding property description in the attorney’s opinion of title or preliminary certificate of title. The settlement date shall be on or before July 28, 2017.
    12. ALL SALES ARE FINAL: All property is auctioned “AS IS, WHERE IS” with all faults in its condition at the time of sale without recourse by way of refund, reduction of the purchase price, or otherwise. Bidders should perform such independent investigation with respect to the property as they deem necessary or appropriate.
    13. FINANCING: Your bidding and purchase of the property is not conditional upon financing. Be sure you have arranged financing, if needed, and are capable of paying cash at closing.
    14. BROKER PARTICIPATION:  Any appropriately licensed West Virginia or Maryland broker whose agent properly registers the successful high bidder will be paid a 2% commission based upon the High Bid, which does not include the Buyer’s Premium, at settlement by the Seller.  Applications must be on a Woltz & Associates, Inc. Broker Participation form and contain the name, address and signature of agent and prospect as well as the Broker’s license number and Federal Tax ID number.  The form must be received in the office of Woltz & Associates, Inc. accompanying the Sealed Bid Auction Real Estate Purchase Agreement and Deposit. Agents acting as principals buying on their own account, on behalf of family members, other licensed real estate agents, or who represent prospects that have had prior contact with the Seller or Auction Company are not eligible.  An agent may register only one Bidder per Auction Tract.
    15. BOUNDARY LINES: Boundaries on aerial photos and topo maps are approximate. Potential buyers may obtain a Limited Right of Entry Permit to view the property and inspect the boundary lines prior to sale. Buyer assumes all risk associated with entry upon the land.  A Permit may be obtained by contacting Auction Company.
    16. GENERAL: The information contained in this brochure and otherwise provided by Seller and Auction Company is subject to verification by all parties relying on it. No liability for its accuracy, error, or omissions is assumed by the Seller or the Auction Company.
    17. AGENCY: Auction Company and its representatives represent the Seller.
    18. QUESTIONS: Sale related questions should be directed to: Charlie Wade or Boyd Temple at