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Sturgis, KY Union & Crittenden County

11,759± Acres Offered in 71 Tracts
World-Class Hunting, 24,000,000 Board Ft. of Sawtimber

Saturday, November 8, 2008 - 10:00 am
With The Unique Mixture of Hardwood Forests, Agricultural Crops, & Open Fields, You Can Enjoy HIgh Sighting Rates and an Abundance of Mature Bucks That Regularly Register Over 150 Boone & Crocket Inches!
  • Premier World-Class Hunting
  • Managed by Game Trails
  • Mature Hardwood / Harvestable Timber
  • 2,440 Acres Tillable Farmland
  • 1,314 Acres Pastureland
  • Ohio River Frontage
  • Endless Recreational Possibilities

The success of the Sturgis, Kentuckys 11,759 Acre property has been regularly documented on Realtrees Monster Bucks, Bass Pro Outdoor World, Tales of the Hunt, Game Trails, Petersens Hunting and various other television shows. Outdoor writers like Craig Boddington, Dick Metcalf, Wayne VanZwoll, Larry Weishuhn and many others have written articles on the property and the unbelievable quality of the deer and turkey population. Now you have the opportunity to purchase a piece or all of this premier hunting paradise.
Tracts from 15 Acres to 595 Acres Offer Opportunities for Every Type of Buyer:
In the Woltz & Schrader Method of Public Auction, anyone may bid on any individual tract, they may combine tracts together, or bid on the entire property as a whole. Purchase the amount of land that best fits your needs and desires.

The Sturgis Property is located in the rolling hills of northwest Kentucky, bordering the Ohio River. It consists of 11,759 contiguous acres and is one of the largest private land holdings in the entire state. Flat farmland gives way to rolling hills and pastures. Deep wooded bottoms climb hundreds of feet along the Ohio River and form rock bluffs that Indians used to inhabit as they traded with travelers along the river.

The Tradewater River originates at the Ohio and forms an oxbow through the center of the property and serves as excellent river bottom habitat for the deer and a prime roosting area for the turkeys. Of this property, 8,017 acres are in timberland, 2,440 acres are in cropland and 1,314 acres are in hay and pastureland. The property has a long frontage on the Ohio River.

Nationally Televised Hunting Property Managed by Game Trails

Could this be & The best deer hunting property on earth?
There are precious few properties for which one could even ask the question. But we believe this one would be among the finalist for any such title. For years, hunting enthusiasts have watched with envy as this 11,759ᄆ acre property known as Sturgis has been featured on such programs as Realtrees Monster Bucks, Bass Pro Outdoor World, Tales of the Hunt, Petersens Hunting, Game Trails and others.
These elite hunters and outdoor writers continue to return for one simple reason: The property is home to one of the worlds best populations of monster bucks. Years of careful management and light hunting pressure, combined with an ideal natural habitat, have resulted in population and productivity levels that are virtually unmatched. Here are a few of the factors that have made this such a special property for deer hunters:

A superior gene pool that produces deer scoring over 150 Boone and Crocket inches, with G2 and G3 tines of more than 12 inches.
World class management. For more than a decade, legendary deer expert Gregg Ritzs Game Trails has carefully managed the land for deer and turkey production. At the same time, owner Kimball International has used the most sophisticated management practices available for the furniture-quality timber, which includes oak, walnut and chestnut trees. In 2006, a dream team of the Quality Deer Management Associations top game biologists and deer experts implemented a management program to make it a proving ground for the best management practices to promote deer and turkey.
Minimal hunting pressure. Year after year, the owners and managers have kept the harvest to a select number well below the propertys potential, allowing only a limited number of strictly controlled bow and muzzleloader hunts. Even with such strict guidelines in place, hunters have harvested 442 deer including 47 bucks since November of 2007.
Outstanding success rates. Archery hunters have had a success rate of almost 50 percent, harvesting many deer that score 125 Pope & Young points or more is a remarkable record given that many of the bucks are only 2 years old.
Nationwide reputation. Because of the large number of television programs and articles about the property, an owner wishing to develop it further for commercial hunts will have a significant head start.
Ideally diverse landscape. The 11,759 acres feature an ideal diversity, with an optimal mix of heavily wooded areas, pastures, waterfront and wooded fields. Deer revel in a landscape that takes them from the shoreline of the Tradewater River to rocky bluffs far above.

Hunting Lodge, Bunkhouse and Improvements

The Sturgis property has been managed for deer and turkey the last ten years by Game Trails. Game Trails limited the number of mature animals that were harvested each year to ensure quality. Harvest totals are well below the potential of the Sturgis property. T/C, Realtree, Winchester, Hunter Specialties, Nikon, Under Armor, Federal, Bad Boy Enterprises and other corporate sponsors have used the property to host outdoor writers and film television shows to promote and test their hunting products. Information provided by Gregg Ritz - Game Trails.

Hunting Lodge A complete hunting lodge is equipped with a spacious living room, 2 bedrooms, 1-1/2 bathrooms, kitchen and dining area, storage room, and covered porch.
Deluxe Shooting Range Archers can sight-in their bows and tune their skills on the 40 yard range. Rifle and muzzleloader hunters have a covered 200 yard range with a professional shooting bench built to sight-in their rifles.
Established Food PlotsLush, cool-season stands of red clover and alfalfa have been added throughout the Sturgis Property to enhance hunting opportunities.

DEER CENSUS Heres what the latest census taken in fall of 2006 found. It is important to remember that these results were too early to reflect the benefits of the new management program implemented earlier that year.
Total deer population of 1,959, including 575 bucks and 258 estimated fawns
34% bucks, 66% does
Maturity. Sixteen percent of the bucks on this land are estimated at more than 5 years of age based on the camera census. An incredible 54% were estimated at 3 1/2 years or older.
Density levels:
- 6 acres per deer (21 acres per buck)
- 104 deer per square mile

Over 4 Miles of Scenic Ohio River Frontage & 10 Miles of Tradewater River Frontage.
From the rocky bluffs to the 14 miles of shoreline on the Ohio and Tradewater rivers, this property offers an amazingly diverse landscape, with lush foliage, majestic hardwoods, and dozens of lakes and ponds. Each season brings its own drama - especially buds of spring, and the explosion of autumn colors, when the hardwoods put on one of natures most impressive shows

Over 50 Lakes & Ponds
A short drive through the property on its well-maintained roads will reward you with countless visual treats - pastoral tilled fields, deep valleys, open fields, pastures and scenic ponds. Its almost impossible to go more than a few minutes without catching glimpses of the deer and turkey. Dozens of ponds and small lakes attract the local wildlife and provide a haven for blue heron and other waterfowl.

8,017 Acres Timberland
For years, furniture giant Kimball International has managed the timber on the Sturgis property to produce vast supplies of fine hardwoods for use in its fine desks and other products. Everywhere you look, you will see huge, mature hardwoods, including white oak, cherry-bark oak, walnut, yellow poplar and chestnut. Thanks to Kimballs state-of-the-art management practices, the property supports an estimated 37 million board feet.

1,314 Acres Hay & Pastureland

2,640 Acres Cropland
Improvements on Tract 41 42ftx50ft barn including lean-to, 36ftx60ft building with steel siding, 40ftx50ft building including lean-to with steel siding, 64ftx108ft building including lean-to on each side, Ranch style home including
Improvements on Tract 20 48ftx96ft Steel building used as a farm shop with concrete floor x 20ft doors, 16ft height, 50ftx150ft Steel building with cement floor open sides used for grain and or equipment storage, 42ftx72ft Metal sided building with cement floor, (2) 48ft Superior grain bins with false floor and 8 unloading auger, 36,000 bu. per bin or 40,000 bu. including cone per bin, (2) 36ft Circle grain bins with false floor and 8 unloading auger 20,000 bushel each or 22,000 bu. filled to cone, 30ft Chief grain bin with 10,000 bushel storage capacity
Note: Tenant has possession of grain bins until April 1, 2009. The tenant owns the grain drier, wet holding bin, transport augers and small building on skids located at the grain handling site. Theses items will be removed by the tenant on or before April 1, 2009.


Union County High School
From the intersection of US Hwy 60 & St Rd 56 in Morganfield, go southwest on US Hwy 60 approximately 4.4 miles
Address: 4464 US Hwy 60w Morganfield, KY 42437


Meet a Woltz & Schrader Representative at the Mobile Inspection Office on Tract 41 for Additonal Auction & Property Information and a Chance to Tour the Property.
Mobile Office Phone: 270-333-4336

Inspection Dates (EST):
Friday, September 19 · 3:00pm - 6:00pm
Saturday, September 20 · 9:00am - 1:00pm

Friday, October 3 · 3:00pm - 6:00pm
Saturday, October 4 · 9:00am - 3:00pm
Sunday, October 5 · 10:00am - 2:00pm

Tuesday, October 21 · 3:00pm - 6:00pm
Wednesday, October 22 · 3:00pm - 6:00pm

Thursday, October 30 · 3:00pm - 6:00pm
Friday, October 31 · 3:00pm - 6:00pm
Saturday, November 1 · 9:00am - 1:00pm

Friday, November 7 · 12:00noon - 5:00pm


Tracts 1-18: From the intersection of US Hwy 60 & St Rd 56 in Morganfield, go southwest on Hwy 60 approximately 10.6 miles to the intersection of US Hwy 60 and St Rd 365 south in Sturgis, KY, turn right on St Rd 365 South, go approximately .3 mile on St Rd 365 to St Rd 923, turn left on St Rd 923 (east) go for approximately 1.2 miles to Sullivan Road - continue on Sullivan Road, .25 mile to property.
Tracts 19 & 21: From the intersection of US Hwy 60 & St Rd 109 in Sturgis, turn right on St Rd 109 (going west on St Rd 109) for approximately 1.7 miles. Tract 20: go an additional .4 mile. Tracts 22-32: Veer left on St Rd 1508, also known as Caseyville Rd.
Tracts 37-71: From the intersection of US Hwy 60 & St Rd 56 in Morganfield, go southwest on Hwy 60 approximately 10.6 miles to the intersection of US Hwy 60 and St Rd 365 South in Sturgis, KY, turn right on St Rd 365 South, go approximately 1.6 miles to Tradewater River - property starts on west side to Tradewater River (Tract 37 on right side of Hwy 365 and Tract 71 on left side), continue on for .6 mile to auction headquarters on Tract 41.


BUYER'S PREMIUM: A 3% buyer's premium will be added to the final bid price and included in the total purchase price.
PROCEDURE: The Property will be offered in 71 individual tracts, any combination of tracts and as a total unit at the dates and times as noted in this brochure. There will open bidding on all tracts and combinations during the auction as determined by the Auctioneers. Bids on tracts, tract combinations, and the total property may compete.
DOWN PAYMENT: 10% of accepted bid price as down payment on the day of auction with the balance in cash at closing. If the bidder pre-registers with the Auction Company on or before Friday, October 31, then cash or a personal check will be accepted for the down payment (contact Auction Company for a pre-registration form or visit www.schraderauction.com. If the bidder does not pre-register, a bank letter of credit or guarantee will be required with a personal check, OR bidder must present a $10,000 cashier's check with a personal check for the balance of the down payment (if any balance exists) on auction day. YOUR BIDDING IS NOT CONDITIONAL UPON FINANCING SO BE SURE YOU HAVE ARRANGED FINANCING, IF NEEDED, AND ARE CAPABLE OF PAYING CASH AT CLOSING.
APPROVAL OF BID PRICES: All successful bidders will be required to enter into a Purchase Agreement at the auction site immediately following the close of the auction. All final bid prices are subject to the Seller's acceptance or rejection.
PLANNING APPROVAL: Tract divisions in Union County along any privately maintained road, and tracts that provide county/township road frontage for tracts along any privately maintained road, are subject to final approval by the Union County Planning Commission.
DEED: Seller shall provide a Special Warranty Deed.
EVIDENCE OF TITLE: Seller agrees to make available to bidder a preliminary title insurance commitment to review prior to auction. The cost of title insurance, if the buyer(s) elect to have the title commitment executed, will be the responsibility of the buyer(s). Seller agrees to provide merchantable title to the property subject to matters of record, general conditions of title, and similar related matters.
REAL ESTATE TAXES: Taxes for the calendar year 2008 will be paid by the Seller. All taxes for the 2009 calendar year and thereafter shall be the responsibility of the buyer(s).
CLOSING: Closing shall take place on or about January 10, 2009, or as soon thereafter as applicable closing documents are completed, at a location designated by Seller. With respect to the timing of bidder(s) fulfilling its obligations under a Purchase Agreement, time is of the essence.
POSSESSION and RISK OF LOSS: Possession of the property and risk of loss thereto shall be given immediately upon Closing.
ACREAGE: All tract acreages, dimensions, and proposed boundaries are approximate and have been estimated based on current legal descriptions and/or aerial photos.
SURVEY: The Seller shall provide a new survey where there is no existing legal description or where new boundaries are created by the tract divisions in this auction. Any need for a new survey shall be determined solely by the Seller. Seller and successful bidder shall each pay half (50:50) of the cost of the survey. The type of survey performed shall be at the Seller's option and sufficient for the issuance of an owner's title insurance policy. Combination purchases will receive a perimeter survey only. Closing prices shall be adjusted to reflect any difference between advertised and surveyed acres on all tracts and tract combinations.
PRIVATE ROAD MAINTENANCE: Tracts with frontage on the private roads included in the Property will be subject to a road maintenance agreement (and easements over the tracts for the private road) that will require contribution by owners of those tracts toward the maintenance of those roads. Copies of the road maintenance agreement will be available for review at the inspections and auction.
BONDING: Portions of Tract 66 are subject to post-mining reclamation obligations and related reclamation bonding posted by Crittenden County Coal Company, Inc., a division of Phoenix Coal Company, Madisonville, KY with the Kentucky Department of Natural Resources. Buyers will not assume these reclamation obligations nor will buyer be required to post bonds. However, until completion of reclamation and final bond release, Crittenden County Coal Company, Inc. will retain a right of entry on the tract to perform activities which are necessary or appropriate to achieve final bond release. Also, applicable buyer(s) of that tract will be restricted from certain activities that could impede reclamation activity or bond release. A map will be provided at the inspections and auction which will show the areas encumbered by reclamation bonds. Additionally, a summary of buyer activities which are restricted will be provided.
PROPERTY INSPECTION: Each potential bidder is responsible for conducting at their own risk, their own independent inspections, investigations, inquires, and due diligence concerning the Property. Inspection dates have been scheduled and will be staffed with auction personnel. Bidder shall be liable for any Property damage caused by bidder's inspection and investigation, if any.
AGENCY: Schrader Real Estate and Auction and Woltz & Associates, Inc. and their representatives are the Auctioneers and exclusive agents of the Seller regarding the sale of the Property.
DISCLAIMER AND ABSENCE OF WARRANTIES: All information contained in this brochure and all related materials are subject to the terms and conditions outlined in the Purchase Agreement. ANNOUNCEMENTS MADE BY THE AUCTIONEER AT THE AUCTION PODIUM DURING THE TIME OF THE SALE WILL TAKE PRECEDENCE OVER ANY PREVIOUSLY PRINTED MATERIAL OR ANY OTHER ORAL STATEMENTS MADE. The property is sold "AS IS, WHERE IS" . No warranty or representation, either express or implied, or arising by operation of law concerning the Property is made by the Seller or Auctioneers, and are hereby expressly disclaimed. In no event shall Seller or the Auctioneers be liable for any consequential damages. The information contained in this brochure is believed to be accurate but subject to verification by all parties relying on it. Seller and the Auctioneers assume no liability for its accuracy, errors or omissions. All sketches and dimensions in this brochure are approximate. Conduct of the auction and increments of bidding are at the direction and discretion of the Auctioneers. Seller and the Auctioneers reserve the right to preclude any person from bidding if there is any question, in the sole judgment of Seller or the Auctioneers, as to such person's creditworthiness, ability or willingness to close on the purchase of the Property, credentials, fitness, etc. All decisions of the Auctioneers are final.
NEW DATA, CORRECTIONS AND CHANGES: Please arrive prior to scheduled auction time to inspect any changes, corrections, or additions to the Property information.
STOCK PHOTOGRAPHY: Some photography reflecting outdoor recreation activities are used for illustrative purposes.
SELLER: Kimball International, Inc.

Woltz & Associates, Inc 800-551-3588 or Send questions or comments.

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